About Resonance List




Resonance List is a fashion based business where we want to bring an overall enjoyment to the Resonance List community through communication.

The overall enjoyment we want to bring and share with you are...
<SHOP> The joy of discovering trendy fashion items you’ve been searching.
<BLOG> The joy of finding new and trendy fashion and more.
<PROJECT> Ultimately, the pleasure you get from Resonance List will be amplified through sharing with others.

We, Resonance List, want you to have unprecedented joy.

The joy you receive through Resonance List will reach the communities that may have miss such opportunities. 



The first PROJECT of Resonance List begin with 1%.

Each time you check out from our shop, we, Resonance List, will collect 1% of the pleasure you receive and share it with those who cannot enjoy it with us because of the hardship they have in time, space, and situation. We hope that 1% we share today will be 100% of joy someone receive.

We, Resonance List, pledge to donate 1% of our profit.

Although it begins with a mere 1%, we hope that 1% will be the first Resonance within your heart to break down the invisible wall.